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Bambulete is a virtual percussion group, established in 2010: The playability of percussion from a computer and the imitation of percussion by computer are explored. Bambulete performs the 43 Mhdb songs or standards with German spoken lyrics - like Mhdb -, but in a largely atonal & percussive style, as well as entirely computer-generated. Bambulete are still virtually the non-identical Mhdb twin. In 2014, the Bambulete sets 1-3 were created, the Bambulete sets 4-5 were still under construction. From October 2017 to April 2018, the Mhdb & Bambulete MP3s were updated and completed, especially the Bambulete sets 4 & 5. - In the Bambulete songs, the German lead and backing vocals exist in reality. But chimes, synthetic & melodic drums, drums, wood blocks, tambourine, noise, etc, are computer-generated or imitated reality. Song examples (mp3, created in 2018):

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Bambulete (d, d, computer), 2012

Bambulete stage plan 2010-12



Contact: Wolfgang Billmann, Kassel, Germany. More contact information



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